MWI Components manufactures a complete line of powder coated Horse Stalls. The MWI Stall is a welded product made from 14 ga. galvaneal and then a state of the art powdercoat is applied.  You can chose from a large selection of standard stall designs sure to fit your every need.  With close to 30 powdercoat colors you can obtain a nice matching "custom" look to any stables with out the added leadtime and cost.

Arcadian Dutch and Bale Doors and Arcadian slide doors are a great addition to any building.  All are built to MWI's exacting standards.  With the same 100+ colors of inset panels as we use to make the Cupola's and the same 30 Powdercoat colors you can see how we can custom match all the accessories to your building for that custom look.  The Dutch doors are available with Cross buck top and bottoms, or with divided light window on top. Bale Doors are either Cross buck or with divided light window.  The Arcadian slide doors come either as a double buck ( cross buck top and bottom) or with cross buck bottom and divided light glass tops.  The dutch and bale doors are available as panels only or with 16 ga. powdercoated steel jambs ( I highly recommend the steel jambs).

All Arcadian dutch, bale and slide doors are available in K.D. version or assembled. ( I would recommend assembled )