Metal (steel) is fast becoming a very popular material for residential roofing.  This is due to the fact that metal is a green product that offers a "once and done" roof.  Pick your metal roof carefully, as it will be the last roof you will ever need.  I am a supplier to many of the metal roofing manufacturers' in my marketing area.  These manufactures roll form a variety of 36" wide rib panels as well several profiles of standing seam panels.  I supply many products to these roll-formers.  Metal to Wood and Metal to Metal screws made by Sealtite Building Fasteners along with their great accessories such as pipe boots, butyl tape tape and closure strips, will help you get started on building that new roof.

Marco Industries is the manufacture of LP Low profile under ridge cap ventilation along with the popular Retro Ease 2 which is a high density polyethylene foam.  RE2 comes in a roll and eliminates tear off or use of wood firring strips when putting metal roofing panels over an existing roof.  Marco is also a high quality manufacture of closure strips for the metal roofing market. Are you a steep slope asphalt single distributor?  Check out PYTHON vent by Marco.  A great valued based under ridge vent for shingle applications.