I have numerous ventilation products to offer you for your post frame or metal frame buildings as well as new metal residential roof.  The popular method for residential metal roofs as well as typical post or metal frame buildings where minimal animal confinement is involved is the under ridge cap method.  Under ridge cap ventilation is simple to install and very cost effective.  It simply involves a foam ventilation strip under a standard metal ridge cap.  The LP Low Profile product by Marco combines a closure material with the Python vent material for a very popular, easy to use and effective product.  The Python material is also available in a roll form called Flex-o-vent.  The LP product is made to fit many standing seam panels.

MWI Components offers several ventilation products.  For under ridge applications you can chose the Uni-vent product.  Uni-vent is an excellent rolled under ridge product which features a very aggressive glue strip to keep in place.  Uni-vent has passed independent lab testing to 110 mph wind driven rain and will work with any panel profile.  It comes in several roll lengths and heights to match different panel profiles.  For Standing seam roofs, use the desired height uni-vent along with the Uni-vent clip This combination allows for a very simple install.  The clips will go over the rib on the standing seam panel giving you a more then adequate surface area in which to install a metal to metal screw through a standard ridge cap and into the clip bed.  Quick, easy and very effective.  Need more ventilation?  Building an animal building?  Use the MWI Components Ridg-Vent Roof ventilators.  These are a stand alone or in-line high volume ridge vent where more air movement is need then what can be accomplished with under ridge ventilation.

How about some really attractive yet functional ventilation?  MWI Components is the nations leading manufacture of Cupola's From 24" square to 66" square.....66" octagon.....venting with louvers or the very attractive divided light window units....you can't go wrong with this product.  Great way to dress up your building or house.  The MWI Cupola come in over 100 color options.  All steel construction made from factory painted metal, not only do they look great but need no painting.