Flex-O-Vent by Marco Industries

Universal venting material.

When it comes to creating a home or building that is sure to stand the test of time, it's often the 'little details' of the building process, the things most people don't give a lot of thought to, that can make all the difference. One of these details is proper building ventilation. Proper ventilation reduces condensation, odors, allergens, and more. 

One of the products that we represent to help helps to ensure proper building ventilation is Flex-O-Vent by Marco Industries. According to Marco Industries, 

"Marco’s Flex-O-Vent™ Universal Venting Material vents, protects and lasts like no other. While polyurethane products constantly expand (as they soak up water) and contract (as they dry out) causing them to disintegrate and fail, Flex-O-Vent offers 40 years of Weather-Tite performance. Its specially formulated polyester— manufactured from recycled material—prevents moisture absorption and holds together to help keep out pests. It’s also extremely durable, flame-resistant, clog-resistant, and tear-resistant.

Flex-O-Vent is not only an economical choice, it’s a long-term solution that provides plenty of cooling air flow, which is vital to meet building codes, reduce utility costs, and minimize long-term building damage caused by improper ventilation."

There are thousands of professional builders, lumber yards, and homeowners that completely agree. Flex-O-Vent continues to be a trusted product to ensure the proper ventilation of their home or building. And we here at Source One Marketing are definitely among them.


Photos courtesy of Marco Industries.


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Randy Chaffee

Randy Chaffee is the CEO of Source One Marketing, and has been in the post-frame building industry for the last forty three years. Randy along with his team at Source One Marketing, represent several of the most recognized and respected manufacturers in the post-frame building, metal frame building, residential steel roofing and steep slope roofing industries.

Randy's aim is to form an equally beneficial and rewarding partnership between their leading manufacturers, and their customers. Randy believes that all lasting relationships are built on the concept of a 'win-win' scenario. As a team they form partnerships that bring success to everyone within the marketplace. 

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