An important part of any roof is ventilation. Custom-cut and made of Python polyester vent materials LP2 offers optimal ventilation at a much lower cost than your typical fans. The custom cut of this product allows a snug fit to allow for the roof to have a superior ventilation that will reduce condensation.

The unique design of durable, modifiable polyester is a non-woven, fiber-based materials. Customizable cut to specifically cut contours that provide a custom, low profile fit for a any style and pitch roof. The net-free ventilation helps keep out moisture, pest and dust helping to keep your ventilation nice for years to come. This product also helps cut down on utility costs throughout the year whether it be sunny summer days or bitter cold winter.

Simple installation makes it easy enough that one person can install it. In just three easy steps you can install this ventilation system with ease. With peel and stick adhesive already applied to the product, makes it one of the easiest installations out there.

For a high quality and simple to install product that provides a superior ventilation for your roof choosing LP2 is an excellent choice. With the quality of this product you can ensure you’re ventilating your roof to a high quality for years to come.


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Randy Chaffee is the CEO of Source One Marketing, and has been in the post-frame building industry for the last forty three years. Randy along with his team at Source One Marketing, represent several of the most recognized and respected manufacturers in the post-frame building, metal frame building, residential steel roofing and steep slope roofing industries.

Randy's aim is to form an equally beneficial and rewarding partnership between their leading manufacturers, and their customers. Randy believes that all lasting relationships are built on the concept of a 'win-win' scenario. As a team they form partnerships that bring success to everyone within the marketplace. 

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