Closure Foam


Tired of the roof blowing away during wind storms and other bad weather? With Closure Foam this problem has been tackled. Marco’s M63 is designed to stay put with its industrial adhesive. Adhering even in subfreezing temperatures or while wet the generous ¼” bead can be applied to almost any surface whether flat or ridged.

Easy to order Closure Foam comes in 450 standard profiles and custom sizes can be ordered as well. Without sacrificing quality you’re able to get a great product at a great price.

Often not done with dovetails, Closure Foam can be ordered with dovetails with adhesive or without to create less gaps and ensure a snug fit from end to end. This product comes pre-scrapped for less clean up during installation.

With a quality of durability and resistance you can rest assured you’re getting a product that will last. This product will provide you will a long-lasting seal and protection to your roof for years to come.


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About the Author

Randy Chaffee

Randy Chaffee is the CEO of Source One Marketing, and has been in the post-frame building industry for the last forty three years. Randy along with his team at Source One Marketing, represent several of the most recognized and respected manufacturers in the post-frame building, metal frame building, residential steel roofing and steep slope roofing industries.

Randy's aim is to form an equally beneficial and rewarding partnership between their leading manufacturers, and their customers. Randy believes that all lasting relationships are built on the concept of a 'win-win' scenario. As a team they form partnerships that bring success to everyone within the marketplace. 

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